Frequently Asked Questions

Call 912-964-1143 for weekend returns or equipment problems.


We accept all major credit cards. All transactions require a valid driver’s license and a verifiable phone number. All equipment rentals will require a driver’s license and a valid credit card of the person renting the equipment.

Customer authorizes Badger Rental Services to charge their credit card for the amount of their 1st invoice and subsequent billing periods until all equipment is returned. Any unpaid balance or any damages to equipment will be charged to the credit card.


Any scaffold rented will require payment up front for the monthly rate. Scaffold is rented for the first month at the monthly rate. The second month will be billed for one week if you keep it less than 7 days; after the 8th day you will be charged for one month.

Weekend Rates

Weekend rates for equipment will be a day and a half rate. Equipment usage will be 12 hours on metered equipment.

Customer Care

As with any business, we want to know if you encounter any problems or breakdowns. All that is needed is a quick phone call so that we can eliminate the problem immediately. Customer complaints about problems or performance of equipment made on the return of the equipment will be reviewed by the manager and if warranted will result in the issuance of an in-store credit.

Customer must call to have equipment released and taken off rent over the weekend. If you have problems with the equipment you will need to contact the person on call to keep from being charged. Please do not wait until Monday to let us know you had a problem with our equipment.

Monthly Rates

Our monthly rates are based on 28 days.

We would like to thank you for your business. Any questions or comments should be addressed to the office at 912-964-1143.